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Integris Edmond Birth Experience


with Angela Kersh

Calendar Apr 9, 2024 at 7 pm

Join us for what to expect when giving birth at Integris Health Edmond Women's Center. This interactive evening is designed for those who have given birth before, but at a different facility or if it has been a while since your last birth. Topics for discussion include but aren't limited to: When to come to the hospital, standard procedures on admission, birth preferences, newborn procedures and safety, and resources. A time for Q & A will be offered, as well as a tour of the unit. Support people and older siblings are welcome to attend. Please only register mom. 

Successful Breastfeeding (Baptist)


with Charlottee Houck

Calendar Apr 13, 2024 at 9 am

Expectant moms in their 30th week of pregnancy or later are invited to register. Instructors include INTEGRIS Health board-certified lactation consultants or mother/ baby RNs with extensive breastfeeding training.

Class topics include:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding, how breastfeeding works, breastmilk and milk supply
  • Skills for breastfeeding: reading your baby’s hunger cues, positions for breastfeeding, the importance of latch and knowing your baby is getting enough
  • What to expect: common concerns and healthy lifestyle
  • Working and breastfeeding: information on breast pumps and supplies 


If you have questions, please reach out to Charlotte Houck, 405-949-3974

Working and Breastfeeding


with Angela Kersh

Calendar Apr 16, 2024 at 10 am

How do you make the transition from being at home with baby and breastfeeding to successfully working, pumping, and continuing to breastfeed? Join us for this informative, how to class to get you and baby ready for returning to work. You are encouraged to bring baby with you and meet other moms who are preparing for the same adventure. Plenty of time will be alotted for Q & A. If you have not used your breast pump yet or are uncertain about how to use it, please bring it with you. 

Topics covered: Preparing to return to work, how to pump, when to pump, and where to pump at work. How to store milk and heat it for baby. Breastfeeding laws for employees and employers. How to increase your milk supply. 

Baby Basics (Baptist)


with Charlottee Houck

Calendar Apr 18, 2024 at 5:30 pm, runs for 2 weeks

This is a two-session class on April 18 and April 25 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

Class participants will learn about common newborn traits and behaviors, as well as newborn health and safety, including safe sleep and Newborn procedures.  There will be discussion on ways to comfort your newborn with hands-on practice with swaddling, burping and diaper changing.

Please feel free to bring a drink & snack or stop by the cafeteria prior to class or during a break.


Please reach out to Charlottee Houck with questions or 405-949-3974.


Only register one person. You may bring 1 support person.


Newborn and Postpartum Care


with Angela Kersh

Calendar Apr 18, 2024 at 6 pm

Class participants will learn common newborn characteristics, newborn proceedures during the hospital stay, benefits of rooming-in, newborn senses, the ABCs of safe sleep as well as get hands-on practice on swaddling, burping, diaper changing and bathing their infant. Physical changes mom will experience after giving birth, new parent emotions, lifestyle changes, and challenges will also be included in this fun and informative class. Class meets from 6-9pm on one week night.  Note: please only register one parent/participant, the second is free.  Ice and water will be available, feel free to bring any food or snacks with you to class. 

Understanding Birth (Edmond)


with Angela Kersh

Calendar Apr 20, 2024 at 9 am

This is a Saturday class.

The "Understanding Birth" class will meet from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the 4th floor Women's Center at INTEGRIS Health Edmond in the Education Room which is located outside the secured unit next to the waiting room. Instructors are skilled and passionate labor and delivery nurses who are employed by INTEGRIS Health Edmond Women's Center.

NOTE: Only register one person. You may bring 1-2 support persons. 

Understanding Birth is a class covering the following information:

  • Pregnancy: anatomy, preeclampsia & warning signs, preterm labor, hazards, emotions, and more.
  • Labor: Pain theories, 5 P's of labor, signs labor is near, onset of labor, stages of labor, and the importance of skin-to-skin contact.
  • Birth Stories:  Stories show how the stages of labor unfold in real life, inducing examples of natural coping techniques, partner support, medicated pain relief, and cesareans (varies by format).
  • Comfort Techniques: Birth preferences, labor support, breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, focal points, hydrotherapy, labor & pushing positions, back labor, and partner advice.
  • Medical Procedures:  Decision-making, induction, fetal monitoring, IVs, analgesics, epidural anesthesia, labor and pushing positions with epidural, augmentation, and second-stage interventions.
  • Cesarean Birth: Reasons for a cesarean, types of cesareans, risks, anesthesia, 3D animation of surgery, recovery, reducing the risk for cesarean birth

Each woman will receive a corresponding guidebook that contains a free downloadable app complete with all the videos from the class as well as other helpful features.

An optional tour of the unit will be given following the second class from approx 3:30 to 4. If you are not deliverying at Edmond, you may leave when class is over. 

For any further questions about your class please contact Angela Kersh at 405-313-1832.

Refund Policy

Labor & Delivery Tour (Edmond)


with Angela Kersh

Calendar Apr 20, 2024 at 3:30 pm

Tours are available free of charge for current or prospective patients. Please register for the tour.

Tours are offered at 3:30 p.m. following the Saturday Understanding Birth class and during the week before other prenatal classes. You do not need to participate in a class to take the tour but you do need to register.

Tours are also given as part of the Understanding Childbirth Class and the Integris Birth Experience Class. You do not need to register for a tour separately if you are taking one of these classes at Integris Edmond and deliverying at Integris Edmond. 

Tours meet on the 4th floor Women's Center in the waiting room and start promptly. 

Tours typically last 30-45 minutes and may occasionally be canceled if the unit is full.

Adults only, please, no children. If older siblings would like to be a part of a tour, please contact Angela Kersh directly to set up a private tour. 405-313-1832

Infant CPR


with Angela Kersh

Calendar Apr 21, 2024 at 4 pm

Join us for the ABCs of CPR for infants 12 months and less. This basic class taught by an experienced LDRP nurse will focus on cardiac arrest and choking. Please enroll only one person from each family. Class includes a participant book. Each family will have one mannequin to practice on in class. Participants may bring 1-2 others with them. This is not a certification class. 

Class will meet on the 4th floor at Integris Health Edmond in the patient education room. Class lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. Older siblings are welcome to attend as well as newborns! For further questions please contact Angela Kersh at 405-313-1832

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